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    About HuaAi

    Shanghai Huaai Chromatography Analysis Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, a member of the National Gas Standardization Technical Committee, National Gas Standardization Test Research and Verification - Chromatography Platform, a member of the Gas Sub-committee of the National Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Standardization Technical Committee, the director of China Industrial Gas Association, and the vice chair of the Gas Analysis Technology and Instrumentation Professional Committee of China Industrial Gas Association. The company is specialized in the research and development, and production of special chromatographs in the fields of industrial gas and power systems, and is a domestic manufacturer of special chromatographs.

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    Portable helium ion detector for discharge decomposition products of SF6 equipment

    GC-9780B sulfur hexafluoride equipment discharge decomposition product portable helium ion detector using helium ionization gas chromatography principle, 19 decomposition products such as H2, O2, N2, CH4, CF4, CO, CO2, NF3, N2O, C2F6, C3F8, SO2F2, SOF2, SO2, H2S, COS, CS2, HF and H2O in sulfur hexafluoride gas can be analyzed. It provides data support for judging whether there are latent faults such as spark discharge, arc discharge, gap breakdown, corona and surface discharge in GIS, etc., so as to ensure the safe operation of power grid.

    Detection range and detection limit Technical performance Temperature control index Size, weight, power supply
    brand advantage品牌优势

    Industrial explosion-proof gas chromatometer

    HA-9680 industrial explosion-proof gas chromatometer has passed the national instrument explosion-proof safety supervision and inspection station certification, obtained the product's NEPSI explosion-proof certificate, explosion-proof grade for EX d ib mb pxⅡCT4 Gb. HA-9680 to realize sample flow path switching and online 24 hours uninterrupted automatic sampling and analysis. The detector is configured with any one or more kinds of TCD, FID, PDD and FPD.

    Multiple injection modes are optional Main technical features Temperature control index Size, weight, power supply
    brand advantage品牌优势

    HeliumIonization Gas Chromatograph

    GC-9580-PDD helium-ionization gas chromatograph adopts multi-valve and multi-column central cutting and backblowing technology. This system is composed of multiple scavenging ten-pass valves and multiple chromatographs. The sampling, switching, cutting and backblowing processes are automatically controlled through the time program set at the workstation .The detection of trace impurities in high purity gases including high purity nitrogen, high purity hydrogen, high purity oxygen, high purity helium, high purity carbon dioxide, high purity argon, krypton, xenon, neon and other high purity gases as well as silane and other gases used in the electronics industry can be completed by one sample injection.

    Carrier gas purifier Helium ionization detector (PDD) Workstation performance system configuration
    brand advantage品牌优势

    产品的应用领域applications of the product

    Hydrogen analysis Gas analysis The power system Petroleum chemical industry Evaluation of the catalytic The environmental monitoring Food testing General chromatography
    Separation surgery  Infinite sensitivity

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    Excellent variety and perfect service We look forward to the common progress and development with customers. Large enterprises -- produce high-quality products -- professional and trustworthy

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